Water Damage Tips

Water damage progresses rapidly, so phone us toll-free at 1-800-RESPOND (1-800-737-7663) and a Customer Care Specialist will quickly handle your request.

The following tips will help to contain the effects of the water while you are waiting for our professionals to arrive:


Do not enter a room with standing water until the electricity has been turned off, and do not use electrical appliances while standing on wet carpet or flooring.


If the water damage was caused by broken plumbing, locate the source of the water and turn it off. If there is not a valve close to the break, turn off the water at the main valve.


Remove wet area rugs and other removable floor coverings, but do not attempt to remove wall-to-wall carpeting.


Remove any fabrics, magazines, or other objects that may contain dyes, as they can bleed into carpet and other types of floorings.


Lift draperies off the floor, loop them through a plastic coat hanger, and hook the coat hanger so that the wet draperies will drip onto something safe.


Move photos, paintings, and other objects of concern to a safe, dry location, away from excessive moisture.


Remove as much standing water as possible. However, overly aggressive extraction of water from flooring can cause further damage. A professional can best determine what form of water extraction to use for your particular type of flooring.


Place aluminum foil or something plastic like a Tupperware lid under the feet of your furniture to keep rust and dyes from damaging wet flooring, and to keep moisture from rising into the furniture legs.