Fire Damage Tips

Major fire damage can expose your home or business to even further damage from weather and vandalism. Firefighters often cut vent holes in roofs to release the extreme heat of the fire, and break down doors and windows to fight the fire and enter the building. Crowds gather to watch the fire, and newspaper articles describe it, inviting theft and vandalism.

We will assist you in removing your valuables from a building that must be vacated, and securing the building by boarding up holes in the roof, doors and windows.

The following tips will help to contain the effects of the fire while you are waiting for our professionals to arrive:


If the outside temperature is above 60 degrees, air out your home by opening windows and doors to reduce smoke odor.


Soot is caustic and can cause irreversible damage to surfaces such as those found on fine metals and porcelain. Therefore while all items should be cleaned as soon as possible, your most valuable items should be given the most immediate attention.

However, do not touch these items with your bare hands. The oil on your hands may cause the soot to do greater and more immediate damage.

Fire damage progresses rapidly, so phone us toll-free at 1-800-RESPOND (1-800-737-7663) and a Customer Care Specialist will quickly handle your request.