Fire Damage

Even after the fire is out, the damage continues. Much of the material found in furniture and flooring is synthetic, and when burned creates a toxic form of soot which causes a variety of complex chemical reactions. After only a few days, exposed items can go from cleanable to unsalvageable.

Our Disaster Restoration Specialists are experts in understanding the chemical combinations that can effectively clean and salvage your belongings. We can even remove soot from high-risk items such as brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, tile and porcelain, as well as fabrics in upholstery and carpets, thus helping to avoid replacement and restoration expenses.

We use the most advanced equipment and supplies in our fire and smoke restoration process, which includes:


Emergency, pre-cleaning removal of soot from contents to prevent further damage


Removal of debris, destroyed building materials and contents


Thorough cleaning of contents


Packing contents and moving them to our warehouse for storage while the building is being restored


Cleaning floor, wall and ceiling materials, replacing damaged materials as necessary


Removal of odors caused by fire and smoke

Please visit our Fire Damage Tips page to learn what you can do to help contain the damage until our professionals arrive. And as fire suppression often results in water damage, please also visit our Water Damage page.